What does magicalbulldogs recommend to help me with potty training?

Magicalbulldogs truly believes in crate training. Your dog will quickly learn to love you for it!. There are several good articles on how doing it properly if you search on AKC websites online. We are always here to help our customers. That's just one of the many reasons you will be glad you bought your puppy from Magicalbulldogs.

How does your callback list works?

Our callback list is for clients that are interested in a puppy, but not sure yet. Once all the waiting list customers have had the opportunity to adopt a Frenchie puppy(s) from us, we will start down the callback list. Clients on the longest will be notified first. If you want to be placed in front of everyone on the call back list, all you have to do is join the waiting list.

How does your waiting list works?

Our waiting list is for clients that for sure want a puppy. You pay the $500 deposit and let us know what Frenchie puppy sex you are looking for. We notified you when we get puppies that match your request. You may adopt that puppy, or wait for the next litter if you chose. The waiting list orders will be filled on how serious our client is. All waiting list customers will have the opportunity to adopt before anyone on the call back list is notified.

How can you assure me that I will get a healthy puppy?

We breed only the healthiest breeding animals available and we offer a one year  six month health guarantee on every puppy we sell to all our clients. See our "Buyers Contract" page if interested.

Are all your dogs AKC registered ?

Yes, they are. We fell in love with the French bulldog breed years ago and all of our breeding animals are AKC registered. That's one of the many ways we ensure that you get a healthy, purebred puppy to bring you years of love, happiness and enjoyment.

Are these Frenchie puppies up to date on their shots ?

Yes, all puppies are current on their basic puppy vaccines that are appropriate for their ages.

How much is paid for each deposit to reserve a Frenchie puppy from Greenhouse?

The deposit to reserve a puppy with Greenhouse bulldogs is $500. The deposit is non-refundable, unless your puppy would become ill prior to you receiving it.

Do you offer shipping?

We can ship your puppy in several different ways. Ground, air cargo, and puppy nanny are all options we use,Magicalbulldogs is responsible for the shipment method of each puppy we sell out, We are responsible for all our shipment. All shipment is free, you just have to select your puppy on our available puppy list and pay the amount allocated to our puppy price list. After payment is confirmed, Magicalbulldogs will take care of your shipment for free. Customers do not need to worry about paying for any shipment. Once you buy from us.

How do I pay for my Frenchie puppy?

We can accept PayPal, credit cards, Walmart money gram, or Western Union. Whatever is easiest at our convenience since we will need to make possible arrangements for your immediate shipment to your house address.

10. What should I do with my Frenchie puppy(s) when I get home ?

Do all the normal puppy care but most importantly, bond with your new friend. All our French pups have been socialized, but they also spend the majority of their time with other littermates. The puppy will bond with you just in 3 days after your purchase from Greenhouse. Then he or she will be your friend forever