We make sure all our puppies are protected before we send them out.


We are Secured and Licensed,we offer maximum satisfaction with to clients.


As pet lovers,we honor our commitments by being reliable to customers at all times.

Michael Brad Chicago,IL

Our two siberian husky puppies are great fun with fantastic personalities. The talk of the town. Professional breeders, clean and well structured process. If our bank manager wasn't going to object we'd be buying more.

Winsten Carl St Louis,MO

Highly recommended. Extremely responsive and professional. Very Satisfied with our new husky puppy - Bambi and and the service provided.

Andria Trothe Spokane,WA

We thank you so much for an amazing dog and a true friend! Green Field Huskies is really professional and responsive. We would recommend to anyone who wants to purchase a siberian husky. Thank you again.


French bulldogs are perfect city dogs since they do well in small spaces! Many people are franchise owners. Frenchies aren’t incredibly active dogs so they don’t need a big yard, or anything to run in. They’re very well mannered which makes them the perfect dog in a smaller space, moreover French bulldogs are great city dogs is because you don’t really need to take them out on walks.
 French bulldogs  are infamous for having gas problems, but you get used to it after a while and it’s nothing a few candles can’t fix. Plus, having a well balanced diet helps tremendously! Frenchies also have allergies, so you have to be careful what to feed them.

Raising a French Bulldog puppy

If you wish to own a frenchie or you already own one, then you will need to take special care on how to go about your newly adopted puppy. Make sure you have regular appointments with your vet to check their breathing. Do not exercise your puppy on hot days, walk too far and always watch his tongue.
Pup’s tongues are a good clue to their breathing difficulties. They should lie flat. If they curl up at the tip then they are struggling. Caring for a vulnerable French Bulldog puppy is a big responsibility.
There are some great guides online to help you with all aspects of puppy care and training.

Caring For A French Bulldog

When caring for a French Bulldog you will need to take into account that this is effectively a disabled dog, with a lot of special needs and as a French bulldog owner and lovers, this breed needs your every attention and affection. Make sure that you are prepared to monitor and limit your dog’s exercise, especially in warmer weather. You must also check their eyes daily, to make sure they are not too dry or injured.
Be prepared as you might also have to wipe their bottom on occasion because some Frenchies can’t reach their own behinds, and their tails can get mucky if they are screwed.

Rescuing a French Bulldog

If you have your heart set on a French Bulldog, then why not rescue a French Bulldog?
Whist an older French Bulldog will still have some of the veterinary needs of their younger friends, you will at least have some idea of the extent of the severity of their problems when you bring them home.
By rescuing an older French Bulldog you will get the breed your heart desires, without adding to the trade in brachycephalic pets.