Janet , Asheville, NC

We are happy to find the right and a perfect French Bulldog puppy from the Magicalbulldogs, we are proud of having Timo, as she is so full of happiness and energy. It is so cute to see her round the house playing. After we adopted Timo, Magicalbulldogs follow up from the moment Timo was shipped and brought to our home, delivery was so successful. It was the best experience we had in adopting our own Frenchie from them. We highly recommend Magicalbulldogs, we are happier than ever. Thanks


Bradley, Commack, NY

I was referred to Magicalbulldogs by a friend who had just gotten a very cute puppy. I immediately made contact with them. After seeing the picture of Oxygen on Magicalbulldogs website, after speaking with the management of Magicalbulldogs, didn’t hesitate on arranging to have him shipped at my address. He was more than helpful during this process till I got my boy delivered at my address in Commack NY. The delivery process went as smooth as could be and my boy Oxygen made is to New York and looked better in person than in the pictures on the website. I would just like to thank Magicalbulldogs for this adorable baby boy and the great service. I look forward to coming back and getting another pup from Magicalbulldogs. Thanks again


Maeva and Henry, Houston,TX

We found our perfect puppy when we found Magicalbulldogs. We immediately adopted our beautiful Frenchie pup known as Magy, she is such a healthy and happy little gurl! Full of energy and so so sweet to live with. From our first inquiry to the adoption day, Magicalbulldogs and i had a great communication. All the questions we had were answered. We highly recommend Magicalbulldogs if you are interested to adopt a frenchie pup as my family and I did. Thanks Greenhouse.


Milcah, Bernardino,CA

We couldn’t be happier with our new additional member to our family. I found Magicalbulldogs through online and contacted them through email.Magicalbulldogs replied in less than an hour! We eventually ended up talking on the phone and Richard gave me so much information that I felt so comfortable purchasing my puppy with them that I never thought twice about it again. Our delivery was so organized. We got Mentos same day after she was shipped to our address in Bernardino, California. I would highly recommend Greenhouse! Thank you Richard


Kerry, Buffalo, NY

We were more than happy with an addition to our family tree, I came across Magicalbulldogs online and we immediately made contact with the breeders through email. Richard replied back within 30 minutes, we talked on the phone and finally made an arrangement. The information that was provided to us was just okay. Magicalbulldogs provided documents to sign which we did, shipment was done the them, all we did was to wait for my little Timi to get home. She was delivered at our address by the shippers. Shipping and delivery were done the same day. From the moment Timi came home, she has never stopped loving us. Moreover, our puppy came to us well socialized. We highly recommend Magicalbulldogs if anyone is willing to adopt a Frenchie puppy.


Thomas,Cleveland ,Ohio

I bought my forever Frenchie puppy for Magicalbulldogs, they are excellent breeders, well organized and most especially they are reliable. My puppy came days after I finalized payment, but indeed I received him as promised after Magicalbulldogs shipped my little Millet and I’m so grateful. Please Try To accelerate the Paperwork process. This is an Awesome experience, having a frenchie pup like our little Millet living and playing with the kids in our yard. Awesome breeders with outstanding experience and services.


Sabrina ,Hugo ,Oklahoma

Hi, i James from Hudson in Michigan and I am a website programmer, my job requires me to stay home, my neighbor bought a French bulldog puppy, this puppy was so adorable that I could not just wait to get one for myself. Honestly speaking, I hardly visit nor talk to my neighbors, but I needed to know where she got her puppy. Carly recommended Magicalbulldogs breeders. I made contact with Richard, who is so friendly. After we talked for almost 15 minutes. I made up my mind to adopt two frenchies outstanding and very socialized frenchies from Magicalbulldogs. They are really the lights and energy in my cold apartment and that I understand a great deal of it really is due to the astonishing first couple weeks of life currently being increased by Atena and Bleach. I was in touch with the breeders till I got my beauties home safely as delivery was prompt.


Raevon, Hugo , Oklahom

On our sons 5th birthday, he wanted a Frenchie puppy as a birthday present, a couple of days before his birthday, John and I asked our relatives who are dog owners. We were finally recommended by a sister who once bought a frenchie puppy from Magicalbulldogs. I contacted the breeders, after making contact with the management of Magicalbulldogs, we signed some documents and I establish a date to make payment. The Breeders had no problem when we asked them to make arrangement with shipment and delivery to our address since we had no time to go pick her up. Delivery was delayed for a couple of hours, but we eventually got our puppy at our address. We thank you for the dependable services you render to us.


Edwards, Clearfield, Utah

Hello, I had my little angel two weeks ago, she is very playful, adorable, smart and loves all strangers who come over to our apartment. What I like about her is that she is very unique and amazing as well. I too like watching her eat and sleep. From the moment my Lil Ziki came home, I have never stopped loving her. Delivery was arranged and follow up by Magicalbulldogs. Am happy because Ziki got home safely and that is all that matters to me. I would like to recommend Magicalbulldogs TO ANYONE who wants a healthy, happy frenchie!! Try Magicalbulldogs. Thanks.


Kim, Mobridge, South Dakota

Am so so grateful for my Frenchie puppy called Ghost! He is such a grate French Bulldog puppy with unique colors. He plays a lot and loves kids, I am extremely happy with Richard for his strong decision and satisfactory services. I must say I am beyond thankful and I would highly recommend this breeder if you and your family if your considering adopting a french bulldog puppy like we did. Xoxo!